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Idealica (Lat) API
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Idealica (Lat) API

IDEALICA — 100% natural complex of natural ingredients and plant extracts for weight reduction, body shape correction, improvement of overall health and rejuvenation of the body.

The product contains a large number of biologically active substances, vitamins and antioxidants in pure natural form.

Components of the product contribute to:

  • decrease of excess weight;
  • fat burning in problem areas;
  • increase elasticity of muscles and skin;
  • activation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • blocking the formation of new fat deposits in the body;
  • appetite suppression;
  • elimination of stagnation of fluid and swellings in the body;
  • elimination of toxins.

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  • CO апрув — 30%
  • График работы КЦ:

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16:00-4:00 (GMT +2)

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