General questions
Gambling & Betting
Why Papa Karlo?
Why not? Because we take care of and supervise our partners. We work like Papa Carlo so that advertisers get targeted traffic and affiliates get the best offers.
What is an affiliate network?
PapaKarlo Affiliate Network is a platform where advertisers and webmasters meet. Here affiliates can find lots of offers, and advertisers - lots of traffic.
What is CPA?
CPA (cost per action) is a type of payout for advertising on the Internet. The advertiser pays only for targeted actions, for example the player who came via your link made a deposit on his casino account.
What is an “offer”?
Offer - an advertiser`s commercial proposal with a description of the requirements and conditions of cooperation.
How to make money with an affiliate network?
Papa Karlo places an advertiser's offer on his platform. You sign up and take the offer you need. In each offer description there will be a personal affiliate link. Copy it and place where the targeted traffic is planned from. Each client following your link will be paid as affiliate commission to your personal account.
How much can I earn with an affiliate network?
Good question. Lots! It all depends on the generosity of the advertiser, the quality of traffic, the numbers of attracted customers, etc.
How to choose offers?
Take the ones that best suit your target audience. Even the most expensive offer won't bring you a dime if it is not interesting for users of your source. And vice versa: thousand conversions of 20 USD is 20,000 USD of income.
How can I start?
Register and verify your account on the PapaKarlo platform, select a list of offers and your tracking links on your services.
How do I know which offers are right for me?
Just ask Papa Karlo team. We will help to analyze, select, implement and customize your campaigns.
Who should I contact with questions?
After registration Papa Karlo will provide you with a personal manager. You can contact him for any questions. And also, we have a channel in Telegram, where Papa publishes news and answers questions.
What`s Papa`s main vertical?
It`s iGaming: gambling and betting. Papa has lots of top casino and betting offers, just check it
Do you provide mobile apps?
Sure, Papa always helps out his affiliates and provides them with free apps. Ask your manager and he will tell you everything and help to set up
I want a higher rate. What's needed?
Send traffic to the offer you are interested in, if your traffic quality is OK, then Papa will agree on the best CPA for you
What traffic sources do you work with?
Papa works with almost all types of traffic. Register and your manager will suggest the best offer for your traffic source.
What payment types do you work with?
Papa has a lot of offers in his arsenal based on the CPA, CPL, Revenue Share Hybrid payments.